“When I searched for answers during my divorce, I sought insight from a strong Christian man with a greater understanding of my strife. I wish I had Greg’s book then. Men need to read Greg’s book and take to heart his advice on relationships, love and women.”
— Scott Puckett, SWAT Operator, Richland County Regional SWAT Team and
winner of TV Show “One Man Army”

“This book contains lessons Greg Amundson learned the hard way. Through his mistakes, Greg gives you a chance, he opens the door, but like the cliché goes, it’s up to you to walk through it. I suggest you do.” — Julien Smith, New York Times bestselling author of The Flinch

“Greg Amundson is 150% legit. The dude is humble and a BEAST at the same time. His mental toughness impresses me beyond words. I could NEVER say enough GREAT things about Greg as a person, a coach, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration. A class act all day, every day. I love that Dude!” — Zach Evan-Esh, owner of Underground Strength Gym and author of Underground Strength Secrets

“Greg Amundson is the official relationship counselor at the PIT Martial Arts. My fighters need to read Greg’s book, or else.” — John Hackleman, owner of the PIT Martial Arts and PIT Fight Team, coach of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell

“I am not surprised that Greg had the courage to admit his faults, ask for forgiveness and to forgive himself after his marriage went south. A warrior is always seeking to learn and grow. What is amazing is his desire to share with us his mistakes! This book is a gift from Greg — an honest, insightful and humorous account of his experiences and some great ideas on how to avoid the pitfalls of a modern relationship. I recommend you read it and learn from this warrior.” — Mark Divine, Commander, US Navy (SEAL TEAM 17, SOCPAC) and founder of SEALFIT

“I met Greg back in 2006 in Santa Cruz at my first CrossFit Certification in which he was an instructor. I was immediately impressed with Greg’s passion and charisma. He makes friends with everyone! Over the years I’ve invited Greg to teach at my Blauer Tactical Training Camps where he brilliantly captures the attention of the attendees with insights on both physical and mental fitness. Greg is always eager to learn and grow as a warrior, coach, and athlete, so it’s perfectly fitting that he’s written a book that no doubt represents a new chapter in his life, both literally and metaphorically.” — Tony Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical, CrossFit Subject Matter on Self-Defense, Black Belt Hall of Fame member and world-renowned authority on self-defense

“Where the book becomes priceless is what it can deliver to the female reader. As a CrossFitter who coaches and trains with her husband, the book provided a view into the mind of the male athlete. And while one should never try to change their spouse, you CAN change the way you react to their actions-made easier if you understand where they are coming from in the first place. The unique view into the male CrossFitter mind was fascinating. Especially in a sport that is heavy with husband and wife partnerships. It also reminds us of how important it is to reconnect as husband and wife when we leave the Box. We are not brother and sister or `just one of the guys’ at home, although many CrossFit couples fall into that trap. This book really tunes into the fact that we must appreciate each other for the intricacies that make up the opposite sex. His grasp on what the female athlete may be yearning for at home is valuable for both parties to read and discuss. More importantly, Greg’s book showcases the fact that strong people need to appreciate those we love strongly. And that if we are passionate in other areas of our lives, we need to show our spouse that same level of passion for the success of the marriage. Written in a conversational style, this book in an engaging read for anyone! I enjoyed it tremendously.” — Nicole Smith – CrossFit SoMo

“Such an honest and vulnerable account of love lessons learned the hard-way. Such a great read; I zipped right through it! I am grateful to have read it and highly recommend it to my friends and family. Greg, thank you for having the COURAGE to share the intricacies of your very personal and touching story!” — Britney Bicrhall 

“A well written and honest account of life lessons learned the hard way. I recommend this to anyone who has ever been in, will be in or is currently in a relationship. A wonderfully written and heartfelt book. Greg, thank you for sharing your life lessons with us; this book is meant to be kept and re-read.” — Robert Contreras