My First Book

Greg Amundson’s new book: Your Wife is NOT Your Sister


Your Wife is NOT Your Sister was not a book I intended to write. I tell my friends and family the first few chapters were my attempt to answer the question: What happened to my marriage? I had been a model of success in school, athletics, business and finance, and I had risen to the top of two simultaneous careers in Military and Federal Law Enforcement. Yet I had failed where it mattered most. Determined to process and learn from my mistakes, I started to write.

After I finished the first chapter titled, In Public Always Let Your Wife Win, I e-mailed a PDF copy to my three younger brothers, Erik, Stephen and Mark, and to my good friends Jeff Martone and George Ryan. Within just a few hours I received phone calls from them all with encouragement to continue writing.

Over the course of two months I poured my heart and soul into the pages of Your Wife is NOT Your Sister. I found comfort in writing and was able to channel much of my heartache into capturing on paper the lessons I’d learned about love, albeit the hard way. The writing also provided me an opportunity to reflect on my amazing parents, Raymond and Julie Amundson, their loving marriage and the lessons they taught my younger brothers and me during their lifetime.

As the book neared completion, I sent copies to friends for their review and feedback. I felt certain I was alone in the mistakes I’d made. However, I was shocked to discover many of my friends were deep into making the same mistakes I had made. They told me how much the book had helped them through their own heartaches, saved their marriages and relationships, and even reconciled separations and divorces. The thought that my book could ultimately help people was the encouragement I needed to publish the work.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading your copy of Your Wife is NOT Your Sister. I believe there is a lesson in this book for everyone.

With love,

Greg Amundson.

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